Work with a specialized team to make sure the process of selling your eCommerce goes smoothly.

Selling your eCommerce on your own is tough
You are completely in charge of your business.
You’re all over P&L, CAC, LTV, shipping costs, logistics…
But when you get to the part of selling your eCommerce on your own, it could look scary and overwhelming. With new terminology you’ve never heard of, and paperwork the size of a small mountain.
Let us ease your mind a bit.
Because selling your eCommerce business smoothly and stress free is guaranteed with the right team by your side.
Ensuring you’ll get the fair value for your hard earned business, and taking care of all the scary terms and paperwork that might come up. We have just that.
Our team has highly skilled and specialized people who have worked for several years, both in selling their own companies and helping others sell theirs. Every transaction is overseen by one of our senior partners with decades of experience in M&A from the likes of Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley Lazard, among others – to put it bluntly – YOU will be in good hands!
Schedule a free call today with one of our team advisors and learn more about how we can help sell your eCommerce business completely stress free.

The Process of Selling

  • This is a first, non-binding call, where we’ll meet you and your business to ensure clear communication
  • The next step is to sign our Seller Mandate Agreement so we can begin to market your business to investors.
  • We’ll showcase your business to investors and eCommerce buyers guaranteeing you we will accompany you throughout the negotiations. communication with interested buyers
  • We’ll be by your side to advise you throughout the negotiation to facilitate a smooth and goal-oriented bidding process.
  • Continuous support during the contract signatures, handing over the business, and getting you your money.

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