AEPIC Partners is an experienced Amazon FBA and eCommerce DTC M&A Advisory & Service provider that works with eCommerce brands to help them grow up to 8 figures and beyond or sell them for a fair value.

What We Do For Your
Hard Earned Business

We’re an experienced Amazon FBA and eCommerce DTC M&A Advisory & Service provider based in Europe with a global footprint and operations. We will be your facilitators to help you grow or sell your eCommerce for its fair value and to the right people to ensure all your hard work pays off.

Did you know that there are currently Billions of dollars, of countless investors, who are seeking eCommerce businesses like yours?

So we know you worked hard to get your brand to the top. We know you spent hours to build the best customer experience, and that even the tiniest change would take days.

More and more investors are looking to buy and grow eCommerce businesses to the next level. And this could be your chance!

But when the time came for us to sell our businesses, it was hard finding someone who cared and was experienced enough.

We’re not that different! We were like you a few years ago. With our own online businesses.

That’s why AEPIC Partners was created and is now expanding worldwide.

Here’s how it works

01_Meeting & Review

You schedule a free consultation call with a specialized AEPIC Partners team advisor. This is a first, non-binding call, where we’ll meet you and your business and review some points so we can later assess your brand.

02_Get the word out safely

We’ll market your business in our buyers network with hundreds of investors, guaranteeing you we will accompany you throughout the negotiations while also keeping everything confidential.

03_Selling & Exiting

We’ll guide you in selling your business to the right buyer, ensuring continuous support during the contract signatures, handing over the business, and getting you your money.

Does your eCommerce brand fit these criteria?

You sold +500.000€ in the last 6 months

You mainly sell through your own website or Amazon FBA

You have a solid business, but seem to never stop working

You’re looking forward to going to the next stage as a business owner

You know you sell good products

The AEPIC Team in Latin America

Claus Rosenberg Gotthard | CEO | AEPIC Partners

Claus Rosenberg Gotthard

Co-founder & CEO

Rute Miranda

Office Manager

Daniel Ortiz

Regional Director Latin America

We help you grow and
sell your eCommerce brand in LATAM