Choose from the multiple well established eCommerce businesses from our marketplace and buy your next, big hit online business.

Here’s how to buy an online
business with AEPIC Partners in 4 simple steps
  • Schedule a call with a specialized AEPIC Partners team member. (This is where we’ll meet you and learn about what area of business you’re looking to invest in.)
  • Research & Discovery (From our initial meeting, your specialized AEPIC Partners ’ counselor will suggest the business opportunities that meet your criteria)
  • Negotiation (We’ll accompany the whole process ensuring a transparent bidding process and smooth due diligence.)
  • Closing & Handover (Guaranteeing closure on the whole process and advising you on handover and account migration.)

Why choose us

As an investor, you’re short for time.

We know that. And we value your time and your money.

So we’re not just interested in getting you a company; we want to ensure you get the one that fits you best.

We’re a team of well established entrepreneurs and business owners ourselves who are looking to ease your buying process so you can buy a new online business and boost it without the hassle of research, paperwork, and handover.

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