indispensable apps for ecommerce

Indispensable Apps for eCommerce 

People are using apps for everything nowadays. 

From knowing when to drink a cup of water to analyzing daily sales and prospect revenue. 

In this article we’ll tell you about our indispensable apps for eCommerce and how they help us keep track of what’s happening in the business. 

5 Indispensable Apps for eCommerce 

Please bear in mind that these are what we considered indispensable apps to whichever eCommerce business you own. 

You may be familiar with some of them and use them already; or you may be using a similar one. 

Regardless, the point is to always ensure you have important information in your pocket and easily accessible the whole time. 

Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is the best platform to analyze data from your eCommerce website and you can have all that data in your phone. 

We should never leave Google Analytics out of these posts because of its importance to businesses. 

You can access Google Analytics in your computer, tablet or mobile phone. 

Although the app is not as extensive as the web platform, you can easily check today’s revenue using the Google Analytics App, the number of users who’ve accessed the website, and whatnot. 

This is definitely a must have app for eCommerce owners because Analytics and data are the Bible of any business. 

So why wait until you’re sitting at your computer to check how the business is going? 

Stripe & PayPal 

With this one we’ll go with a “two for one” kind of post. 

Stripe and PayPal are currently two of the best and easy to use payment platforms. 

They’ve become very successful worldwide because it’s easy to get paid in different currencies and with low fees. 

By having these apps installed in your phone you can easily track daily, monthly or weekly revenue and be on top of your sales numbers. 

If you’re in a jam because there’s a customer calling for not getting their order confirmed, you can simply open the app and check what happened with the payment. 

Plus, it feels great to listen to the “ping” noises whenever an order comes through 🙂  

These apps are available for Android and iOS users. 


Klaviyo is believed to be the best email marketing platform for eCommerce businesses 

Due to its unique segmentation and tracking features, the ability to include SMS marketing, and also use it as a sort of CRM, Klavyio is a great addition to the indispensable apps for eCommerce. 

We’re not saying other platforms are bad but this would be our first choice for an email marketing app if we were to choose any one in the market. 

It integrates with major eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify and WooCommerce. 

The automation processes are easy to build as the platform is user friendly throughout. 

Ahrefs or Moz 

These top players will allow you to audit your eCommerce website and even find the best keywords to your product listings. 

Even though these are pretty good reasons to be listed in this indispensable apps for eCommerce post, Ahreafs and Moz have another excellent feature you can take advantage of, namely: 

  • Checking out your competition and where they’re standing out; 
  • Explore the keywords and keyphrases your potential customers are using to search for your products online; 
  • Understand how you’re ranking within each keyword or search term; 
  • Etc. 

This allows you to always stay on top of what needs changing and/or optimization. 


This is for all eCommerce owners who work with influencers, affiliates, or any other platforms that need tracking without the hassle of a huge URL. 

Switchy is, to put it simply, a URL shortner. 

However, its features go a bit beyond that. 

Because Switchy has a good analytics dashboard, it can track a bit more than just plain clicks. 

Say you work for influencers. 

With a link shortner like Switch, you can keep track of all sales made by each influencer post or Instagram story. 

And, yes, you can set an expiration date on any link to ensure you’re tracking the right data and the right people, within the correct time frame. 

It’s a more affordable option to JotURL, which is incredible for this too. 


These are simply 5 of the many apps and plugins you can use to boost your eCommerce business. 

We believe these to be indispensable but, as said previously, you don’t need to use these apps exactly. 

You may prefer a similar app and that’s okay. 

We also recommend you read the Influencer Marketing Hub post that feature another 20 of what they believe are top eCommerce apps. 

Make sure you’re using the best tools to continue growing your business to the next level, be that what it is. 

If the next level is not up to apps or platforms but what you really need is expert help then AEPIC Partners can be your trusting guide. 

Schedule a free call with one of our advisors and let’s have a chat about the future of your eCommerce. 


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