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It’s Time to Get Back What Amazon Owes You… Money

Do you use Fulfillment by Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)?

You could be leaving money on the table Amazon hasn’t reimbursed to you.

Amazon owes you money. We can say that with utmost confidence because if you are an Amazon FBA seller, Amazon owes you money. Money that you may not know you are owed.

Look, Amazon is not trying to cheat you out of anything, at least not intentionally.

But Amazon is a global logistics operation, handling something like ten billion items a year.

It’s not surprising that mistakes get made, something gets lost in transit or damaged, or a return is mishandled and not properly credited to your account.

Amazon does reimburse you for its mistakes.

Unfortunately, though, in most cases you have to find those mistakes and file claims within 18 months of the occurrence.  

Maybe Amazon owes you money, but how much can that amount to? FBA reimbursements can amount to anywhere between 1% to  3% of your annual revenues.

Even 1% of hundred thousand dollars annually, amounts to $1,000 left unclaimed.

Amazon owes you money. But it’s money you have to go after.  

You have to regularly audit your shipping and inventory records to determine if Amazon owes you money.

Then you need to file a claim to the appropriate Amazon department (if you file to the wrong department, your claim is rejected and you have to refile). 

In all probability, you don’t have the time or resources to devote to this laborious process.

Then again, if you don’t, you’re giving away money Amazon owes you.  

Fortunately, there’s a better way. 

A service called GETIDA uses proprietary software to review a seller’s FBA transactions (along with Amazon inventory, shipment, and transaction data) to find where Amazon owes you money for its mistakes.

A dedicated GETIDA account team files and follows up on claims to help recover what Amazon owes you.

Let’s take a look at how this works:

  • What is GETIDA
  • The GETIDA advantage
  • GETIDA and the Amazon seller community
  • How to get started with GETIDA
What is GETIDA

What is GETIDA 

GETIDA (GET Intelligent Data Analytics) is a small (40+ employees) company headquartered in Teaneck, NJ that serves Amazon marketplaces worldwide.

It was founded by two highly successful FBA sellers, Max Borin and Yoni Mazor, frustrated by the lack of an easy way to audit their reports and obtain appropriate FBA reimbursement.

The answer they came up with comprised two complementary parts. 

The first was to develop proprietary software to automatically collect all their Amazon FBA data and identify any potential issues.

The second was to staff a dedicated team experienced with Amazon FBA to check on the issues identified by the software and file claims for when Amazon owed them money.

In 2015, Borin and Mazor sold their FBA business and launched GETIDA as a global solution for when Amazon owes money to FBA sellers like you.

he GETIDA Difference

GETIDA is really the only global end-to-end solution to the problem of when Amazon owes you money, but it’s left up to you to find out why and when and then go through the entire claim process.

If you have a lot of SKUs, this probably isn’t something you have the time to do yourself.

You could hire someone to do this for you, either an employee or virtual assistant, but even before you’re adding salary to your overhead, there’s time and expense trying to find someone with the necessary skills and experience with FBA reimbursement you can trust to access your seller account.

There are some third party software providers that audit your FBA reports for inaccuracies and discrepancies.

But that’s all they do. Submitting and following up on claims is still left up to you. 

GETIDA, in contrast, is a full-service solution. If Amazon owes you money, GETIDA does everything to ensure you get reimbursed.

GETIDA proprietary software finds errors where Amazon owes you money.

And it does this in real-time, with an easy-to-read online dashboard that details open cases, case status and recovered reimbursements.

It also tracks FBA inventory transactions, refunds, and seller data analytics. This information is also sent to you in regular monthly reports.

Meanwhile, an experienced, dedicated account team submits the claim and follows up to get your money back.

The team knows how to present the issues and  covers all the back-and-forth messages common in communicating with Amazon during the claims process. 

GETIDA and the Amazon Seller Community

GETIDA and the Amazon Seller Community 

An additional differentiation is that GETIDA is active in the Amazon seller community, offering a range of educational programs and Amazon event sponsorship’s, many of them offered free or heavily discounted.

GETIDA also provides complimentary consultation on how to grow your Amazon business.

There’s even a podcast, called Prime Talk.

And GETIDA is an authorized Amazon Service Provider listed in the Amazon Marketplace Appstore, so they are vetted and continuously monitored by Amazon.

Get Started with GETIDA, No Strings Attached

Maybe this all sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch, you’re wondering. 

The answer is there isn’t any. GETIDA is actually free to use. No strings attached. No contracts or monthly subscriptions required.

Then how does GETIDA make any money?

GETIDA charges 25% on successful claims.

That’s right, if a claim that Amazon owes you money isn’t successful, you aren’t charged.

Which just goes to show how confident GETIDA is they can get back what Amazon owes you.

So, let’s go back to that hypothetical $1,000 Amazon owes you, but you weren’t aware of or didn’t have the time to go through the claims process.

Instead of losing $1,000, you get $750 back in your pocket that you otherwise wouldn’t have had. And that’s just a conservative example.

The more Amazon owes you, the more money you recover.

sign up getida

To sign up for free at GETIDA, go to the website and click the “Free Sign up” button. Provide the following information:

  • Your contact details
  • API credentials to contact to your Amazon data
  • Billing information (only used for successful FBA reimbursement)
  • A user seller account with limited permissions 

Upon sign up, GETIDA reviews the previous 18 months of data to find discrepancies where Amazon owes you money and generates a report for you to review. Depending on the quantity of data, you’ll have an answer in a few hours to a few days.

There’s no obligation to proceed. But in most cases, the potential FBA reimbursement is usually considerable. 

If that weren’t enough inducement, you can get $400 in free FBA Reimbursements to try them out with zero risk at GETIDA. 

Think Amazon owes you money? GETIDA is the best way to get it back.


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