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3 Tips To Rank Higher On Amazon

As the most visited eCommerce website in the world, Amazon is to online shopping what Google is to search.  

That means smart eCommerce owners like you should have an Amazon presence, the same way you do on Google Shopping or Google Merchant Center.  

Ranking organically on as many platforms as possible is the best way to keep acquisition costs down and profit margins up.

That said, ranking high on Amazon will require a great listing.  

“But I already have a great listing! What can I do to improve it?”  

Glad you asked.

Keep reading and we’ll let you in on our top 3 tips to rank higher on Amazon.  

3 Tips To Rank Higher On Amazon

Tip 1: Better Pictures

“Better” pictures aren’t necessarily about quality.

We mean pictures that capture the emotion your customers want to feel once they own your product.  

For example, if you sold footballs, which of the two examples below do you think will lead to more conversions?

  • A group of men playing football
  • A man that just kicked the ball and is on the verge of scoring a goal

On one hand, people play football in groups.

So it is an accurate portrayal of how the product will be used.  

But when it comes to games (or anything for that matter), everyone likes to imagine themselves winning.

They want to be the hero.  

Positioning your product as the thing they need to reach this happy after state is more compelling than a generic group photo they can’t exactly see themselves in.  

This is a simple example of what we consider a “better” picture.  

Of course, the type of products you sell will affect how you position the “hero,” but keep this in mind when selecting pictures for your Amazon listings.  

Tip 2: Use Explainer Videos 

Video is a good way to retain and engage.

And those are two metrics that every eCommerce owner should be looking to improve.  

Amazon is no different.  

The more time spent engaging on a product listing, the more relevant that product will appear to the algorithm. 

And using video in your product listing is a great way (and a good hack) to increase the amount of time a potential customer spends on your product’s page.  

Bonus points for videos that can be understood without any sound

When creating a good product video, consider this:

  • Show your product in use  
  • Explain the features and benefits   
  • Give the viewer a call to action 

Do those three things and you’ll not only keep people on your page longer, but you’ll also appeal to visual learners who don’t want to read all of the text in your listing.

Tip 3: Write Compelling Copy 

Images and videos are a big part of what attracts someone to your product listing.  

But you can’t rank higher on Amazon without compelling copy.  

Copywriting is an art that will make potential buyers want YOUR product over the others Amazon is recommending right on your product page.  

But as you probably already know, writing compelling copy isn’t easy.  

For an Amazon listing, that means:

  • Storytelling 
  • And using relevant keywords

Good copy doesn’t exist without storytelling because storytelling is how you show your future customers what their lives will look like after buying your products.  

It’s the text version of what we explained earlier with images.  

Make your customer the hero and make it easy for them to see how this product will directly solve their problem.  

As for relevant keywords, that will of course depend on what you’re selling.  

But using words that describe things like color, size, features, and how it’s different (or the same) as your competition is a great place to start.  

We also recommend using 3rd-party keyword research tools like Moz to help you find keywords people often use to find products like yours on Google


There are an infinite number of ways for you to grow your Amazon FBA business (or any type of eCommerce business on Amazon).  

However, you need to keep in mind that it can take some time.  

Here’s a bonus fourth tip:  

To rank higher on Amazon, never stop testing.  

Always stay up-to-date with reviews and never stop asking your customer why they chose you.  

They are your biggest asset when it comes to creating better marketing.  

Already own an Amazon FBA business and want to scale it?  

Schedule a free non-binding call with AEPIC Partners so we can help you find capital to take your business to the next level. 


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