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Tips to increase your purchase rates in 2022

Did you know several people (though the majority are women) keep adding things to their online carts… But don’t actually finish their purchases?

Sure enough, you already have some tips to increase your purchase rates and all.

So maybe you do know that already. 

But do you know why this happens?

This is one of the reasons for your abandoned cart rates

Do you know how people would go to the shopping mall to spend some time or think things over?

Well, eCommerce has allowed for that to happen without a person having to actually leave the house.

One of the reasons for your abandoned cart rate is this: people keep adding things to a shopping cart as a good way to de-stress after a bad day or a horrible fight with a loved one.

Their trip to the shopping mall has shifted to the online world.

So those who like shopping and need a way to calm down tend to turn to their safe haven: checking what’s new and what could make them happy right there and then.

Adding products to a cart is a way to release tension.

They don’t actually have to buy what they’re browsing for, since adding all those things to a cart is enough to give them the actual shopping center.

So how can you provide this sense of security while also combating high abandoned cart rates?

Tips to increase your purchase rates in 2022

It’s simple: implement these tips to increase your purchase rates, of course!

We’ll guide you through 5 tips that can help with this task.

Tip 1 – Guest checkout or Social Login

When someone’s on a shopping spree, the last thing you want to do is complicate their purchase process.

Asking someone to remember a password and email so they can finally buy all the things they added to their cart is a huge barrier.

To decrease purchase dropouts, use Guest Checkout or Social Login.

This way anyone who makes purchases from your eCommerce can do so with fewer clicks – meaning fewer objections and barriers to the purchase itself.

Social Login is great because it’s way easier for anyone to actually create an account without the hassle of coming up with yet another password.

Tip 2 – Autofill

Remember: the easier the process becomes, the easier it is for you to get your money’s worth too.

Autofill is a great way to increase your purchase rates because it makes things easier for the customers.

Picture this: would you rather have a tool that could autofill your address, email, and billing details (according to your last purchases); or would you rather spend an extra 3-5 minutes doing it by hand?

Taking 3 to 5 minutes to fill out information you already have in a registered account will make your customer feel frustrated.

Remove that barrier and your purchase rates will increase.

Tip 3 – Single Checkout

Single checkout reduces the amount of clicks necessary until a purchase is made.

The fewer the clicks, the quicker the process becomes.

There are some tools you can add to your eCommerce to implement single checkout.

The main goal is to reduce the effort throughout the purchase and, alongside, it reduces all distractions.

Links and images that can lead the customer to a different page when they’re in the checkout process will reduce your purchase rates substantially. 

Tip 4 – Discount pop-up

If your customer is trying to leave without finalizing the purchase, offer them a discount with a pop-up.

There are a couple of ways to offer a discount

The first, and most common, is a 10% discount.

This alone can become a conversion booster for those who are already considering quitting their purchases.

No one likes to lose the chance to use a discount voucher if they can.

The second option for your discount pop-up is an unmissable opportunity: a one time offer.

Meaning that the offer itself will only be presented in that pop-up, on that page, and at that precise moment.

You can offer a higher discount for this because it really won’t show up on any other page. And the customer needs to understand this!

As soon as a customer closes the window without buying their products, the discount is gone.

Tip 5 – Transparency

Within the order summary, make sure you are transparent on your shipping process and the refund/return policies.

This is a simple way to provide a sort of guarantee to your customers: a guarantee that you are serious about making their purchase process as pleasant as possible. And that you take their doubts into consideration.

Transparency is becoming ever more important now eCommerce businesses are booming all around the world.

Stand out from the crowd by offering, not just the best service before the purchase, but also throughout and after the purchase itself.


It goes without saying that these tips to increase your purchase rates can make sense to your business or not.

Your eCommerce may already have implemented a single checkout without significant results.

Take these tips as suggestions of improvements.
Test them, measure your results, and come back to us if you feel like you need another strategy to scale and grow your business.


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