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4 strategies to find your next big business

Selling a business can be a scary thing.

Not only for the paperwork involved but because it kind of feels like the end of an era.

Like you’ll have nothing else to do or to look forward to.

Sometimes, it’s scary to think that your life will be empty after selling.

However, this is rarely the case of those who decide to sell their eCommerce businesses.

Most entrepreneurs and business owners sell their business and start working on their next big hit.

Their next new “baby” that they will turn into a success.

If you’re this person, the one who’s considering selling the business to start something new, we’ll share the 4 strategies we use ourselves to find our next big business babies.

4 strategies to find your next big business

Strategy 1 – What troubles you every day?

Businesses are created to solve problems.

Need to bathe your dog? Dog shampoo was created, alongside other products, including accessories.

Your earphones are giving you too much trouble to untangle the wires? Wireless earphones were created to fix this too.

Very often, the problem you deal with everyday are businesses waiting to be created.

If there’s no pizza places around, you can create a delivery app or a pizza place yourself.

If you love coffee but have a lot of trouble finding more diverse options, you can create a coffee eCommerce.

Strategy 2 – What could you talk about for 3 hours in a row?

There’s something special about a specific subject that only you seem to care about. And you could talk about it for 3 hours straight – or more!

There’s a business idea there.

And that drive and enthusiasm is absolutely necessary for a business to grow and you can use that to find your next big eCommerce business.

You can even document the whole creation process to make it more appealing for future clients and to connect with them while still promoting your business.

This, alone, will make you stand out.

If you’re not one to create something from scratch and prefer to be on the lookout for trending topics, you can analyze consumer trends.

People will always tell us what they need. We just need to pay attention.

Browse through social media and try to uncover what the trending topics are.

Twitter is great for this! It’s usually where the news spread faster.

You can also use websites like TrendWatching, Trends Research or Google trends to find out what topics are being discussed in the whole world.

Before doing any more specific search, use tools like Ubersuggest to figure out how things look on the SEO side of things.

Are the topics being googled? If so, how many estimated searches are there?

Only then we recommend that you deepen your research.

Have a quick look at forums, like Reddit or Quora.

Are more people talking about this? Or is it just temporary?

What are they saying?

Strategy 4 – What can you teach young entrepreneurs?

Your experience is valuable!

So your next big business can be related to your experience.

You can sell digital products, like courses or membership programmes, or tutor your business owners.

You could become a consultant. And teach business owners all the things you already did wrong so they don’t repeat it themselves.

Many business owners look for more experienced entrepreneurs to help and guidance because it will help them advance several years and get the business booming a lot faster.

Selling that experience and information could very well become a big hit.


You probably already have a profitable business in hand. We don’t want to preach to the choir.

But sometimes we need to be reminded of the simple things.

That enthusiasm is key and that all it takes, most of the time, is for us to pay a bit more attention to the problems we’re facing.

Your next big business may be right under your nose already. Maybe you’ve even thought and developed on that idea already too.

It’s only a matter of getting your hands on it now.


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