having a blog is important

Why having a blog is important for your eCommerce business

What separates a good entrepreneur from a better, more successful one?

More than ever, it is the ability for said entrepreneur to see ahead instead of just living in the present.

Content marketing takes time. And humans are not patient enough to wait 3-6 months for something to give them results.

This is why, the blog feature in eCommerce businesses is disappearing…

However, having a blog is important for your eCommerce business precisely because it will help you in the long run.

It will help you scale from a good entrepreneur to a more successful one.

Here’s why.

Why having a blog is important for your eCommerce business

With online business, there are multiple things that will work to bring you customers:

  • Online advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Social media
  • Offline marketing campaigns
  • Partnerships
  • Etc.

Here’s what some of these things cost you: money.

Here’s what all these have in common: they’re content.

Content Marketing is in everything you do for your business: the pamphlets, the influencers you hire, what you post on social media, what you advertise…

You just may not see it as content marketing because they don’t depend completely on you.

For example, with social media advertising, you’re literally paying for your content to show up in front of potential customers.

But when you don’t pay for that to happen… Many of those stop visiting your website.

How about organic traffic? The one that doesn’t cast a single euro, penny or dime?

When you start writing blog posts, you’re building multiple entry points for your website.

So you can get traffic without it costing you a thing.

Yes, it takes time and you won’t see the results right away. But you’re building branches to reach out to more and more potential customers.

Here are some other reasons to invest in a blog

You can use them for cross-selling

Let’s say you sell electronic devices, such as computers, TV’s, sound systems and so on.

When a customer buys a brand new 80 inch TV, they’re most likely not buying it just to watch the weather channel.

They could be investing in a big TV to show off to their friends, or because they’re excited movie fans and they want the cinema experience from the comfort of their sofa at an affordable price.

For the sake of this example, let’s say our new TV customer likes movies.

You can create content that’s designed to lead customers into buying something that complements their first purchase, such as a sound system.

This content can be sent to potential customers by email, it can start showing up on their social media feeds, and you’re already taking them into a new customer journey.

Here’s some content you can write for the movie fanatics who need a good sound system in their living rooms.

  • Sound systems and why they make the best movie experience at home
  • The best sound systems for each type of TV
  • How to choose the best sound system for your home
  • How to setup a sound system at home

These are four simple, yet highly targeted blog content posts you can create to increase the selling of your products right after a first purchase has been made.

Link building is an important part of a website’s SEO.

With blog posts that are relevant to your brand and products, what you’re doing is improving your SEO with link building.

This is yet another reading why a blog is important for your eCommerce business: you’ll be better positioned on Google when someone needs your products.

A better position on Google will help you with organic visitors and it also help reduce your Google advertising costs.

Google measures a lot of things, always trying to showcase the best results for what users search for.

This means that it doesn’t just take into account what you invest, but how relevant your website, blog or product is to a particular search.

Having a high SEO rank, with great blog content, will help the algorithm perceive your eCommerce website highly relevant to the users. Sometimes outbidding other businesses who may even invest more than you.

You can create more precise ads

The audience will always tell you what they want.

If a particular blog post about “how to setup a sound system” is visited many times on a monthly basis, those who visited the blog posts can and should be targeted with advertising about sound systems for the next 2 weeks.

With good blog content and a Google Analytics account correctly setup, you can actually see what sort of products should be on your homepage.

If people respond a lot more to a “how to” blog content, use that knowledge to recreate the same content across social media.

A blog is a tree

Trees last for a long time, don’t they?

A tree is a great representation of the different marketing techniques you can use.

But notice that trees that live for a long time have strong trunks that support everything else.

And that even when all the leaves are down, and some branches may break, the trunk will remain upright. And they will help other branches grow.

A blog is important for your eCommerce business because it can act as a trunk for all your marketing strategies and techniques.

So, if you’re wondering whether or not to invest in blogging, give it a try. Write good quality content consistently and measure the results in 6-12 months.

You’ll notice blog content is cheap for all the money they can bring you in the long run.

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