tips for a great business pitch

5 tips for a great business pitch

To sell a business, there are multiple steps you need to pay attention to.

When you work with a facilitator, like AEPIC Partners, many of those steps are fully taken care of.

But there’s still one thing that you will always do better than us: pitching your business.

You know it inside and out, so you’re the best person to make the best business pitch about it.

Of course, due to our extensive experience, we can guide you when crafting a great business pitch.

This post will enclose 5 of our best tips.

5 tips for a great business pitch

Knocking their socks off with a brilliant introduction

The introduction may seem like it’s about you or your business…

But it’s actually a lot more about the people you’re pitching to.

Think of your introduction like the first time a visitor visits your eCommerce business website.

When a potential client first visits your eCommerce, they’re looking to either solve a problem or fulfill a desire.

When someone’s looking to buy your business, you’re also giving them a way to either solve a problem or fulfill a desire.

It’s great to start your introduction with a question or a statement that spikes interest.

Here’s an example:

If your eCommerce business sells beauty products, your introduction could start off with something like this:

“This is how we, a small eCommerce business, were able to succeed in a billion dollar industry with little over than a few thousand euros… Despite doing the opposite of what we were supposed to do.”

When you’re saying you succeeded in a big dog world doing the opposite of what you’re supposed to… You’re bringing everyone’s attention to your story and your business pitch.

Of course, it goes without saying that you should never lie!

Get your facts straight and try to figure out what makes it stand out.


Everyone loves stories and it’s easy to grab people’s attention by using them. 

After a great introduction to a great business pitch, a story is needed.

The story of how you got where you are, how you solved the problems that you faced, and how/why you’re now selling your eCommerce business.

Storytelling has been the best marketing technique for many years now and it’s used by companies like Coca-Cola and Apple.

It works because it helps level things.

You can explain how something grew from nothing in a sequential way that it’s easy to grasp by any person in an audience.

With stories, even the most complicated terms can be simplified.

Value over Price

Always show value over price.

If you show good value (which can come easy to you with tips one and two), pricing your business will be easier.

When something is targeted as expensive, it’s likely because value wasn’t properly shown to its buyer.

This is real for your products (the ones you sell in your eCommerce) and for selling your business too.

Before pitching your price, make sure the value of your eCommerce business is as high as you can.

Answer questions before they come

Tip 4 to a great business pitch is all about bringing down excuses.

There are some questions you know will come from your pitch, such as:

  • What are the key numbers?
  • What’s the expected growth?
  • What’s your main problem right now and do you have a plan to fix it?
  • Is this ready to grow even more?

Others may come and it’s completely normal!

If you’re able to answer them right away in your pitch, it will enhance your credibility as a business owner.

Showing you’re not just a great pitcher, but a good business owner will increase your results, without a shadow of a doubt.

Include easy to read charts in your presentations, and get them the answers you know they’ll be looking for.

The Exit and Handover

This is where many business pitches don’t go from good to great.

If you’re pitching to sell your business, make it easy for the buyer by having your exit and handover strategy in place.

This is something we at AEPIC Partners help you with, if you’re unsure about how to do it.

It is yet another point in your favor to showcase that you’re ready to make the process as easy and smooth as you possibly can.

The best business pitch

The best is the one that converts, we can all agree on this one.

But we’re sure these 5 tips can really help increase your business pitch results.

Selling a business is a lengthy process.

To worry about a great business pitch on top of everything else is just something to avoid.
You can contact us if you need help selling your business.


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