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How Facebook and Instagram Ads help boost your sales

If you were to sit at a coffee shop, or have a meal at a local restaurant, do you think you’d see more people looking at their phones or not looking?

Many people have tested this before. You can do so yourself.

If you sit anywhere for just 30 minutes you’ll notice that almost everyone is looking at their phones.

Of all those that are looking at their phones, most of them are using social media, like Facebook and Instagram.

This is what makes Facebook and Instagram Ads so powerful in today’s sales numbers.

They are two of the top platforms to invest in advertising (alongside Google and YouTube, of course) and you should always include them in your budget.

Here’s how Facebook and Instagram Ads can help you boost your sales in three simple ideas.

How Facebook and Instagram Ads can help you boost your sales

It matters to say that Facebook and Instagram belong to the same company, so their ads work in similar ways.

They target your interests and demographics

As scary as this may sound, Facebook and Instagram know a lot more about our own lives than our closest friends.

They know the websites we visited, the pages we’ve interacted with, the marketplace items we’ve looked at…

Everything we do within the apps and the platforms is registered and it creates a sort of digital profile footprint.

It’s precisely because of this that Facebook and Instagram Ads work to help boost your sales.

If your eCommerce business sells baby clothing you can target people who are recent parents, who have shown interest in other baby clothing companies, diapers, and so on.

This is incredibly powerful, because it can help you direct your marketing budget to people who actually care and are close to buying products like yours.

There’s a tracking tool that helps with remarketing campaigns

This tool is called Facebook Pixel and it works like Google Analytics.

The difference is that it will receive the data and store it into your Facebook Ads manager and, of course, into the digital footprint of your website visitors.

This is amazing for remarketing campaigns and to remind previous eCommerce visitors that there were some items that were not yet purchased and that they might need.

You can even add some discounts codes and coupons for these specific marketing campaigns.

Remarketing is an excellent way to retrieve customers that would otherwise be lost.

Sometimes, visitors don’t finish their sales just because something else comes up.

But you’ve already spent time and money bringing that person to your website, so make the best to have that visitor come back and finish their purchase!

You can choose the best time to showcase your ads

Many entrepreneurs are now setting up campaigns for specific days and times of the day to boost their sales.

How is this?

Well, let’s say you’re selling mattresses. 

Doing ad campaigns in the early morning or before bedtime can increase your website visitors because these are the times of day when they think about their mattress and going to bed.

Picture this: you have a terrible night. Your back hurts, you feel tired… 

Then, you see an ad campaign promoting a new mattress that specifically says something like this:

“Rough night? We got your back.”

Of course, this is a rough example of an advertising copy, but it speaks to the person who has this specific problem NOW.

And so this person will most likely become a website visitor and potential buyer.

How is there a way for Facebook and Instagram Ads to help increase your sales? Why not Google?

Because, when you wake up, Facebook and Instagram are some of the very first apps anyone opens on their phones.

And you want to be there at the right time.

Facebook and Instagram Ads will help you sell your business faster

Without a shadow of a doubt.

Because when investing in Facebook and Instagram Ads, you’re targeting people based on what they actually need and not what you think they need.

Plus, you can use Facebook’s Ad for your own advantage and have the platforms ready to sell your products to users who actually care about them.

This will also help you sell your business faster because good social media advertising will help you with your numbers.

A good business, with good numbers, sells faster. You can read all about it in this post.
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