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Why you should Sell Your Amazon Business

Running a business is somewhat similar to owning a car. Wouldn’t you agree?

Before you say anything, let us explain where we’re coming from…

When you first get your car, you feel excited.

You may even start planning that road trip you’ve been eager to make and that grows the excitement even more.

So much that the calendar hanging on your wall is full of X marks and a big rounded circle around the date of departure.

You have a great car, a great plan and a great dream that needs to be fulfilled.

And nothing can stop you anymore!

The goal is to create new memories all the time.

Of your trips. Your first kiss. Even your first heartbreak.

Until it’s time to get a brand new car.

Business works the same.

You get that first great idea, which then turns into an ever more exciting plan, and you take it as further as you possibly can.

You make it grow: in size, revenue and name.

Until a new, exciting idea comes along. 

And that first business of yours will fulfill someone else’s dreams and needs.

That’s what an Entrepreneur, such as yourself, does.

And that’s why this may be the best time to sell your Amazon Business.

Why should you sell your Amazon Business?

eCommerce is currently a top market area. 

And when we talk about eCommerce, Amazon is the top brand we can recognize anywhere.

It’s trustworthy, it’s been used by millions of people, and so it’s a priority when the time comes for you to create your own eCommerce business.

So it’s no wonder business owners – especially eCommerce business owners – want an Amazon Business in their portfolio.

With the 2020 Covid pandemic, you have come to a perfect timing to actually sell your Amazon Business for a fair price. 

Here’s why:

You’ll guarantee your Amazon business will thrive with a larger, better suited team and investment

When your car reaches a certain age or kilometer count, you start to wonder about buying a new one.

It’s not that you don’t like it anymore; you just know there is something else out there that will suit your needs best.

When it comes to whether or not you should sell your Amazon business, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is this as far as it can grow? Or can profits go higher with a more suited team?
  • Am I still completely in love with this business or am I thinking about new businesses already?
  • Am I willing to invest more to make sure I grow this eCommerce or am I sticking to what I’m comfortable with? 

None of these questions have right or wrong answers.

They just allow you to know if it’s time for you to hand the keys to someone else who will do their best to turn this eCommerce business into an even bigger success.

You’ll be able to focus on a new business idea

This is the best part of entrepreneurship: the fact that you can give birth to a brand new idea.

Being an Entrepreneur means you have your DNA in multiple businesses.

This means that the eCommerces you own (or have owned) have your personality in it – and you know they may not have become what they are today if it were not for you.

As Entrepreneurs ourselves, we strongly believe this and are extremely proud to watch some businesses grow even bigger because of what we were able to accomplish.

Then, a new idea comes along!

Something new and exciting that we can look forward to creating once again.

You’re likely to get paid way more than you’ve invested yourself

Let’s not lie to ourselves: of course money matters!

It is speculated that there is currently A LOT of capital (approximately 6 Billion) to deploy on buying brands alone.

So if you’re wondering if the hard, earned money you’ve put into your Amazon business will pay off… 

Let’s just say this: with all the capital available, if you sell your Amazon business today there are great chances that you’ll sell it for a lot more than you’ve invested yourself.

We’ve been there in your shoes and did the math ourselves.

Everything you’ve done so far, all the good things, have probably made the valuation of your business higher than you may even realize.

Is it really time to sell my eCommerce business?

You want the truth? Do it!

We know we’re biased, but let’s keep that aside for a minute.

Let’s go back to that car of yours.

The first one you bought for about 3k.

Now, imagine someone would come-by and say

“That’s a fancy looking car! I bet people are dazzled when it drives by. I’ll give you 5k for it if you’re interested.”

You’ve worked to keep that car in the best of its abilities and now you’re getting an extra 2k for it.

In business, it’s the same.

If your own business is worth more and you’re already excited with new ideas, consider selling it.

You’ll get what you need to start a new business and an extra for yourself.

Want to know how to sell for a fair value? Schedule a free call with an AEPIC Partners advisor.

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