Exit for a Higher Value and Better Terms with a team of M&A Advisors on your side every step of the way.

What We Do For Your
Hard Earned Business
We know you worked hard to get here. The hours spent to build the website, of your eCommerce, the many courses you’ve taken, the long hours replying to calls and emails. We know. We’ve been there too.
By the time we were ready to sell our business, we had a rough time finding someone who would pay its worth.
Not anymore.
AEPIC Partners is an experienced Amazon FBA and eCommerce DTC Broker & Service Provider based
in Europe with a global footprint and operations. We will help you sell your eCommerce for its fair value and to the right people to ensure all your hard work pays off.


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The three, simple steps to
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The first step is to schedule a call with our CEO. On this non-binding conversation we’ll get to meet each other and explore your business growth and exit opportunities.

Buyer Circle

We'll get the word out to the right buyers. Your business will be showcased to a curated list of our community of investors. Together, we will find the right match for your business.

Sell Well

Have the best Exit Experience and enjoy continuous communication and support with contract creation, signing, handover process until the last step when you get your money.

The AEPIC Team

Claus Rosenberg Gotthard | CEO | AEPIC Partners

Claus Rosenberg Gotthard

Co-founder & CEO

Pedro Antunes | Senior M&A | AEPIC Partners

Pedro Antunes

Senior M&A

Ana Marques | Head of Marketing | AEPIC Partners

Ana Marques

Head of Marketing

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